Differences between book & movie: This section is not finished, I've got to scrounge up my tape of this wretched movie (Yes, I have a tape of the movie, in fact, I've probably seen the movie more times than some fans, no that doesn't make me some closet fan, it's called research) and reread the book, taking lots of notes. When it's finished it should be a nice big long list of why the movie and the book have very little to do with each other
   My hate for this movie: Kind of like my review for this movie. It's broken up into sections to prevent me from rambling and confusing readers
   What others think: A collection of reviews that I've gotten from a variety of places, message boards, submit-your-review sites, personal sites, anywhere some idiotic fan shouted the phrase "OMG!!! I Luv dis movie!!!111" I was there, taking notes.
   Critic Reviews: Really bad reviews from people who get paid to have opinions. So as to prove that this movie officially sucks.
   Livejournal icons: 100x100 icons for journals.
   Gallery: Frames from the movie of the actors looking stupid. For your amusement
   Hate Listing: Kind of like a fanlisting, only for people who hate the movie and want the world to know. Go here or here for more about hatelistings.
   #1 reason not to watch: This really happened.