Fans of the books are not the only ones who hate this god awful movie. Most of the reviews by critics (actual critics, not idiotic fan girls or hateful Anne Rice fans) are negative. Here are some things that real critics had to say about this movie. If you wan't to know what idiots think of this movie, check out this section. has a whole bunch more and these came from there. I'm going to go find my own so as not to totally bite off their idea and all.

"Screenwriters Scott Abbott and Michael Petroni have turned Rice's complex Akasha into a cartoon monster."
    Chuck Wilson, L.A. WEEKLY

"An ill-conceived jumble that’s not scary, not smart and not engaging."
    Brian Webster, APOLLO GUIDE

"A hideous, confusing spectacle, one that may well put the nail in the coffin of any future Rice adaptations."
    Catharine Tunnacliffe, EYE WEEKLY

"Aaliyah rarely dampens her diva persona enough to spark genuine chemistry with Townsend. When she speaks, her creepy Egyptian demigod voice is as computer processed and overproduced as it was in her music."
    Charles Savage, MIAMI HERALD

"Muddled, trashy and incompetent"
    Ian Waldron-Mantgani, UK CRITIC

"[A] soulless, stupid sequel ..."
    Lawrence Toppman, CHARLOTTE OBSERVER

"Devoid of even MTV-caliber originality."
    Desson Thomson, WASHINGTON POST

"The performances are so leaden, Michael Rymer's direction is so bloodless and the dialogue is so corny that the audience laughs out loud."

"It looks good, but it is essentially empty."