This is a site dedicated to the worst movie ever made, "The Queen of the Damned". Goddamn I hate that movie. I hope to spread that hate, and maybe convert some mindless idiots who like this movie into hating it. "If you hate it so much why are you dedicating a web site to it". Because I hate it so much. And this site is just filling some time between now and when Futurama comes on. Get over it. I'll do what I want with my time. Navigation is up at the top, if you don't want to click on the different sections to find out what they are, go to the site map. Got something to say to me? Email me. Or sign the Guestbook.

March 28, 2004: Damn, it really has been like 4 months. Meh, I had computer issues and so I got all pissy and went into an update withdrawl for all my sites. I'm working on this place some more, new layout, sections, and stuff. I'm re-reading QotD and taking some insane notes to work on that differences section, which I think I might turn into just a character comparison thing, because comparing the book to the movie is like compareing apples to a big sack of live racoons.

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