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    Last updated March 28th with 7 new members Hate listing, the opposite of a fan listing. It's just some thing where people can come together and show their hate for something with a little icon on their site. Go check out the Hate Listing headquarters things here or here for more about them and more things for you to hate. If you have a hate listing having to do with this movie, that is Aalayah, Stuart Townsend, Horror movies, Vampires, anything but Anne Rice and her books (although if you have a fan listing of Anne Rice and her books, that's fine too) then E-mail me, we can be affiliates.

    There are some rules to follow if you want to join this hate list. They're pretty obvious and just a few, so it's not like it's terrible hard to follow them
   You must hate the movie The Queen of the Damned
   If you have a web site please have the code up before you join. Please have the code on either the main page or a page just for hate/fan listings
   If you do have a web site no porn/racist or anything like that.
   Don't say your name is QtPlayBo1BuNn1Ee6969 or anything retarded like that. If your name consists of big letters alternating with little letters with lots of numbers thrown in there, I'm just not going to put it up. And I'll probably bitch at you for not reading the rules.

    If you have a web site you need to put up the code before you join the hate listing. Please link these back only to http://members.tripod.com/thesevampiressuck/index.htm. Please upload these to your own server. Ripping them off of here will only result in 'Tripod Image' things. If you would like to make some of these for others to use E-mail me and I'll put them up here. A text link is fine too, there is some HTML here for some or just make up your own.



I hate QotD
These Vampires Suck

    If you follow the few rules then you can join. Just remember, the code has to be up before you join. If so, then join away. If for some reason the form doesn't work, E-mail me with the information needed.

    Aah, now for the whole reason this section exists. The list of the haters. E-mail addresses aren't listed because of spam bots and whatnot.
1) Carolyn @ WWW USA
2) Arielle @ WWW USA
3) Wanda @ WWW Canada
4) Rin @ WWW USA
5) Cassie @ WWW USA
6) Valorie @ WWW USA
7) Boss @ WWW USA
8) Jessica @ WWW USA
9) Liebeskrank @ WWW Slovenia
10) LN Renee @ WWW USA
11) Ricke @ WWW USA
12) Kayleigh @ WWW USA